We offer dump truck services in Norfolk, Oxford & Brant County, Ontario.

If you have a load that needs delivering or picking up, call the team at RVM.

Our fleet of tri axle dump trucks are able to carry over 25 metric tons of material and can deliver almost anything. Whether you need a full or partial load, we’ll deliver on time to keep your schedule on track. And if you’re not sure which product you need, we can help you find it.


Nick V. – Balsam Creek Landscaping

“Working with RVM in the past and present is always a successful process! They’re always on time material delivery services, prompt schedules, and adequate equipment services are always in your favour for a successful project and completion!”

Our Dump Trucking Capabilities

RVM has a fleet of 4 tri axle dump trucks, capable of carrying over 25 metric tons of materials including gravel, clear stone, sand, screenings, soils, mulch, potato stone, recycled products, and so much more. Our dump truck team includes a full-time dispatcher. RVM is known for reliable, efficient service and has close working relationships with local and regional landscape, pool, and construction contractors.

Dump Truck Delivery Services

RVM offers professional dump truck delivery services to homeowners and business owners in Norfolk, Oxford, and Brant County.

Waste & Debris Disposal Services

RVM offers professional haul-away services to homeowners and business owners in Norfolk, Oxford, and Brant County.

Why Choose RVM for your dump trucking needs?

  • Our reliable trucking fleet includes tri-axle dump trucks and stone slingers.
  • We have a fulltime dispatcher.
  • We offer affordable pricing, saving you money on labour and equipment rentals.
  • We can deliver full loads up to 25 metric tons, or partial loads.
  • We work with a wide variety of contractors as well as homeowners.
  • We are known for our efficient service and putting the customer first.
  • We are a local company serving Norfolk County, Oxford County, and Brant County, Ontario.
  • As a family-owned-and-operated business, we take pride in our work and we build lasting relationships with our customers.


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