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Here are some commonly-asked questions about our Septic, Excavating, Trucking, and Waterproofing services. If you have a question that’s not answered below, send us an email!

Where is RVM located and what communities do you serve?

We are located in Woodstock, Ontario and serve residential and commercial customers in Norfolk, Oxford, and Brant County.

What type of septic services do you offer?

We specialize in the design, installation and repair of residential septic systems and small commercial septic systems in Norfolk, Oxford & Brant County.

My septic system needs servicing, and I can’t locate the lid. What should I do?

Outside your home, look for a high spot or depression in the lawn, usually around 1 to 3 metres from where the main bathroom window is located. In your basement, look for the large pipe that goes out of your house. If that doesn’t work, call RVM. We use metal detectors and other specialized equipment to safely locate your septic tank.

Why should I use a company that is licensed in septic systems?

Whether you are installing or replacing a residential or commercial septic system, it’s important to use licensed professionals like the team at RVM. Using a company that is licensed means you can rest assured that your septic system will be designed and installed properly, that the company is insured, and that your septic system will pass when it comes time for your final property inspection.

Are you familiar with all the local regulations for septic tanks?

Yes. At RVM we work with all three Counties and obtain all the permits on behalf of the property-owner.

Help! My septic system isn’t working properly. How fast can you get here?

We usually able to offer same-day service in the event of a septic emergency.

What kinds of excavating projects can you handle?

We can dig foundations and offer grading services, demolition services, and custom excavation services.

We need to remove an old swimming pool. Can you help?

Yes, RVM can take out your old inground swimming pool and prepare your yard for a new one.

We have a small back yard. Will your machinery fit?

Yes. Our mini-excavators are able to work in small spaces and access hard-to-reach areas.

How much can your dump truck carry?

Our tri axle dump trucks are able to carry over 25 metric tons of materials.

We need to have a load of soil / mulch / stone delivered. Can you help?

Yes. RVM has a reliable fleet of dump trucks and stone slingers capable of delivering a wide range of products to your home or business.

We don’t need a whole truck load. Can you still help?

Yes. RVM is able to deliver or take away partial loads.

What is the best way to fill in our old swimming pool?

Backfilling a pool requires skill, expertise, and a good understanding of soil conditions. If your swimming pool is no longer being used, is damaged beyond repair, or you just want to use the space for something else, it’s best to call in a team of professionals to do the demolition and backfilling.

Help. Our basement is wet. Why is water coming in?

The main causes of a wet basement are cracks in the concrete walls, or poor external grading which causes water to come up through the floors or windows. But since no two houses are the same, the cause needs to be investigated in order to fix it properly.

How can we waterproof the basement of our new home?

At RVM we use a durable, non-toxic plastic membrane called Delta MS to ‘wrap’ your home’s foundation. This creates an air-gap between the damp soil and your basement, preventing cracks and water penetration. In addition, we us drainage tile – also known as a perimeter drain or weeping tile – to carry water away from your house.

We have some water coming through cracks in our basement wall. What can we do?

If there is not a lot of water coming into your basement, injecting the crack with an epoxy can be a quick, effective, and less-costly waterproofing solution. Ask the experts at RVM to determine whether this is a viable waterproofing solution for your home or business.


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